Hi and welcome to Coastal Canines Massage Therapy. My name is Tara and I am a certified and insured canine massage therapist, living on the Kapiti Coast. I provide a mobile massage service for your canine companion in the comfort of your own home.

Whether your dog is young or old, experiencing joint or muscle pain, recovering from illness or needing some emotional support, my passion is to help them to feel their best by improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

Therapeutic Massage:

Typically therapeutic massage is performed using long strokes and kneading techniques to manipulate the superficial muscle layers. Therapeutic massage can be beneficial for any dog as it helps with mental as well as physical relaxation, increases the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, and increases comfort and quality of life.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is not just for competing athletes or working dogs but is helpful for any canine who is very active. Maybe your dogs is your trusty companion on long hikes through the bush or runs your daily 5km circuit with you. We all know how sore we can feel after we’ve pushed ourselves hard or how difficult it can be to deal with the little niggling injuries that cause us discomfort. Dogs are no different but they can’t always tell you this. Massage can help relieve this soreness and identify any potential problems before they get too big.

Of course sports massage is used regularly for the canine athlete also. Pre-event massage warms up are short and work by increasing circulation to the muscles. It energizes and prepares muscles for an event or exercise, helping to prevent injury and promote flexibility. Post-event massage is a longer massage that loosens up the muscles and joints, prevents stiffness and soreness, helping to increase venous blood flow which encourages the removal of waste products and facilitates recovery.

Senior Massage:

Senior massage is a type of massage that focuses on the needs of senior animals. This can include supporting convalescing organs, increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid which is especially important in dogs that are more sedentary as the lymphatic system does not have a pump. Senior massage can also support the tissues in areas of muscular atrophy, provide emotional support, and more. Massage can also help your dog in the lead up to their transition from this world to the next and end of life care is a particular passion of mine. I have experienced first hand the benefits of energy work, particularly on older or anxious dogs and feel it is an immense honour and privilege to help you dog transition to what lies beyond this realm.

Benefits of Canine Massage Therapy

· It promotes general wellbeing

· Helps to boost the circulatory and immune systems

· Improves muscle health

· Relaxes tight, painful muscles

· Helps to improve range of motion in joints

· Helps to relieve pain caused by inflammation

· Helps break down scar tissue

· Improves digestion

· Improves skin tone

· Can greatly contribute to relaxing the nervous system

There are certain circumstances where massage is not appropriate

I will not perform massage on your dog:

· Over areas of encapsulated cancer, as massage could

spread an isolated condition

· Over open wounds or blisters

· Over recent fractures. Massage around the fracture is

acceptable but only after it has been cleared by a veterinarian

· If a fever is present, as massage can flush things through the body

· If the dog is in shock

· If the dog is on antibiotics for an infection

· More than once in a 24 hour period

· If the dog does not want a massage as I will not disrespect the dog’s wishes or boundaries

Types of Canine Massage Therapy


What is Canine Massage?

Canine massage is considered the manipulation of muscles and skin to promote increased circulation to all of the organs and tissues of the animal’s body.

But it is so much more than that!

Just as we humans benefit from massage to help us relax, ease muscular tension and promote healing in our body and mind, so too do our canine companions. At least 80% of communication with a dog is non-verbal and dogs are highly attuned to the energy of intention and the power of touch that is both physical and spiritual. Massage can have deep and lasting benefits, not just with dogs recovering from illness or injury but also those that are suffering with depression, fear or separation anxiety.

Canine massage can help keep your furry friend in tip top condition and prevent injuries or illnesses that may become more painful and costly if not spotted quickly. Massage is different from just petting your dog, as each stroke is deliberate and focused and used with the intention to promote healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Massage is a cooperative modality to veterinary medicine but is never a substitute for it. I always recommend that you consult your veterinarian and request their approval before starting your dog on a course of massage therapy.